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For no special reason Drupal sites on our server (CentOS 5 with cPanel/WHM) started to make problems with file upload. Because Drupal 6/7 has use Ajax for file uploading the only thing that happens is that browser just hangs until timing out. Quick playing with different file sizes revealed that files that are less then 100kb are OK, but bigger files are creating problem. Of course php post_max_size and upload_max_filesize are set to 20mb so that was not causing problems. Strange...


Yesterday I have released new stable versions of captcha_after module for Drupal 6, module version 6.x-1.2 and first port of captcha_after to Drupal 7. Except working on a port to D7, this release is packed with new features:

Personal site started

Submitted by ivica on Mon, 20.06.2011

I have finally started my personal site... Here I will write mostly about programming, drupal, php and simmilar stuff + I will write about some of my other passions in life like music, movies...

Of course this site is running on Drupal 7 - nothing special here except I am using sqlite for the first time for database. Although requirements for sqlite are 3.4.2+ for now everything is working OK on sqlite 3.3.6 (trying to upgrade centos 5 to newer sqlite version is definitely not recommended).
I did have problems while installing - installer constantly failed back to install page 1 when choosing sqlite - maybe because of bad version or there is some bug in Drupal core... I will try to find some time to repeat installation process and investigate this. Anyway so far so good.