New stable releases of captcha_after module for Drupal: 6.x-1.2 and 7.x-1.0

Submitted by ivica on Fri, 01.07.2011

Yesterday I have released new stable versions of captcha_after module for Drupal 6, module version 6.x-1.2 and first port of captcha_after to Drupal 7. Except working on a port to D7, this release is packed with new features:

  • Captcha after global thresholds can now be overiden per form.
  • Disable some of captcha_after threshold check with empty or 0 threshold value.
  • Replace session submit threshold with flood submit threshold - storing submit count in session can be avoided by clearing cookies so it is not a good idea.

Here is a screen-shot of improved configuration page and thresholds settings per form:

Thresholds per form can be handy for example in situation where you want to change captcha_after behaviour only for comments form, like on screen-shot - show captcha after 1 invalid submission, 1 valid submission and 50 all users submissions per hour.

New versions are well tested, including this site (running latest Drupal 7.4 and sqlite) also has installed captcha_after 7.x-1.0 version and everything runs fine. But as always bugs are possible so if you stumble on some bug or wants to add some new feature or have some other remark just drop me a comment here or visit module issue page and create new issue.

Thats it for now, enjoy :)