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Remote FTP backups of your WHM/CPanel accounts

Submitted by ivica on Sun, 24.06.2012

So WHM/CPanel has already a very nice build in solution for doing automated local or FTP/SFTP remote backups of your accounts or accounts with all machine configuration files. The only problem is that you can use one of this backup - local or remote, you can not use both. And I wanted to do both stuff - first local backups and then remote FTP backups. Its not that difficulty at all. First thing to do is make sure you configured correctly daily, weekly, monthly backups for local backups in your WHM. If that works then you can add remote FTP backups.

Backup folders in Linux over rsync to Freenas disk

Submitted by ivica on Fri, 18.05.2012

Goal: Backup your home partition or what ever folder you like to your network attached folder on freenas system over rsync.

  • Preparation - your freenas system should be properly configured, accessible over network and cifs/smb is working on it.

  • First test - try to access your smb share over dolphine or some other file manager.

  • Create folder which you will use to mount your samba share:

    $ mkdir /mnt/freenas

Reinstalling erased boot partition on linux

Submitted by ivica on Mon, 02.04.2012

So I killed my boot partition including grub and all Linux kernel image files... Don't ask me how, I was doing some partition management quickly and bad thing happened ;)

Here are steps how to fully recover/reinstall your boot partition (my system is Kubuntu 11.10, and my boot partition was on /dev/sda3 - not on the same place where root partition is):