About me

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HI, ny name is Ivica, programmer from Serbia and Montenegro. Most of time during a working day I am spending in front of laptop doing a lot of web development and other stufff.

Here are some most interesting stuff from mine professional life:

  • 20 years of doing professional IT work
  • I started career in 2003 in Mega doing mostly ColdFusion, Java, PHP and MS SQL
  • Then in 2004 I switched to Radimpex and had a lot of fun there while developing ArmCAD (drawings of concrete reinforcement details) a very complex ARX C++ plugin for AutoCAD. I also studied Civil Engineering before in Belgrade so thats why this job was very interesting to me. I worked in Radimpex until 2006 and then had to make break because of civil military service in Belgrade
  • During my civil military service I spend a lot of time in open source. During that time I was one of co-founders of LUG (linux users group) Belgrade - site was created in Drupal and that was first contact with Drupal 4.6 version. We also translated Drupal to Serbian which I still maintain of Serbian Drupal translation project.
  • Beside getting to know Drupal I done couple of C++ projects in Ultimate++ framework. One of the most interesting is MIX++ Stochastic Mixing Optimizer - author of this application is my father Slavko.
  • Around 2007 I worked for VEEOO developing data mining application in Python and Qt.
  • But Drupal hooked me in to web technologies. I was more and more interested in web, php, ajax and web 2.0 and by the end of 2007 with my brother Zeljko I co-founded MontenaSoft Austrian based Web development company.
  • Today I still work in MontenaSoft - doing a lot of complex Drupal stuff. Also I am active on drupal.org while working on contributed modules I maintain and creating patches for other modules.
  • In future I plan to continue with Drupal but also expand area of interest in technologies like: yii framework,mobile application development and HTML5. I am also planning some big open source projects for government sector... we will see ;)

Beside doing lot of programming I find some time for music and doing some amateur music production (live mixing, studio recording, daw...). I also love relaxed and healthy style of living, hanging with my girlfriend and friends, going sometimes to gym and doing yoga, travelling, sea...

That's about it. Have a nice day :)